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A Beginner's Basic Piano Technique 

Beginners' Basic Piano Technique Training Course
- Prevents the development of any 
potential bad habits from Day 1

Above:   8 year old student of Dr. Angela Chan - 
after 16 months of study from pure beginner level

Above:   5 year old student of Dr. Angela Chan - 
after 6 months of teaching

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I want to learn the proper basic technique since Day 1 to prevent any bad habits or discomfort
Basic Beginner's Piano Technique Training
(The most effective way to develop piano technique without the risk of any bad habits)
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ONE TIME OFFER ($85 Canadian): I would like to take advantage of this one time offer to sign up for a private 30-minute masterclass with Dr. Angela Chan, so as to (1) determine the best program for my piano development (2) learn more about piano performance (3) receive guidance in any of the questions that I encounter in this course

After completing my Bachelor of Music and serving as a piano teacher, I have been learning piano performance with Dr. Angela Chan, the founder and principal of Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts. I took the first piano lesson with Dr. Chan. But there are many unresolved technical problems in piano performance. I am surprised by the teaching method she has never experienced: she meticulously pays attention to the technical and musical aspects of the relationship between body movement and piano performance. It greatly inspired me, And fundamentally improved my piano performance skills and musical expression. In addition, her enthusiasm for music, enthusiasm for teaching and friendliness to students also deeply influenced and inspired my own teaching.
As one of Lambda's students, I have many opportunities to participate in master classes and piano teaching seminars organized by world-class concert artists and piano educators and two directors of Lambda. I think this kind of experience is very valuable, useful and necessary for the development of personal art and teaching skills. Lambda is an academy that offers unique experiences, which may often not be available when studying with a private music teacher. I find myself very lucky to learn from Dr. Angela Chan.

"在完成我的音樂學士學位並擔任鋼琴老師之後,我一直在與Lambda音樂與美術學院的創始人兼校長Dr. Angela Chan一起學習鋼琴演奏。我與Chan博士一起上了第一堂鋼琴課,但鋼琴演奏中存在許多未解決的技術問題,我為她從未經歷過的教學方式感到驚訝:她一絲不苟地關注身體運動與鋼琴演奏之間的關係技術和音樂方面。它極大地啟發了我,並從根本上提高了我的鋼琴演奏技巧和音樂表現力。此外,她對音樂的熱情,對教學的熱情和對學生的友善也深刻地影響和啟發了我自己的教學。
作為Lambda的學生之一,我有很多機會參加由世界一流的音樂會藝術家和鋼琴教育家以及Lambda的兩位導演舉辦的大師班和鋼琴教學法研討會。我認為這樣的經歷對於發展個人的藝術和教學技巧非常寶貴,有益和必不可少。 Lambda是一所提供獨特體驗的學院,與私人音樂老師一起學習時可能經常無法獲得這些體驗。我發現自己發現自己很幸運能與Dr. Angela 學習。 
Serena Leung
Marilyn Cooperman (Piano Teacher)

I have been studying piano performance with Dr. Angela Chan, founder and director of the Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts, after having completed my undergraduate studies in music and working as a piano teacher. I came to the first piano lesson with Dr. Chan with many unsolved technical problems on my piano playing, and I was amazed by her way of teaching that I had never experienced before: her meticulous attention to how body movements related to piano playing in both technical and musical aspects. It has greatly inspired me and fundamentally improved my pianistic skills and musical expressiveness. Besides, her passion for music, her enthusiasm for teaching and her kindness to students have also deeply influenced and inspired my own teaching.

Being one of the students in Lambda, I have had many opportunities to attend master classes and piano pedagogy workshops conducted by various outstanding world class concert artists and piano pedagogues as well as by both directors of Lambda. I think that such experiences are very invaluable, beneficial and essential in developing one’s artistry and pedagogical skills. Lambda is an institute that provides such unique experiences that may not be often accessible when studying with a private music teacher. I find myself very fortunate to have been studying in Lambda.
~ Serena Leung ~

Having taught piano to people aged two to eighty for over twenty years, I am always looking for ways to be a more effective pedagogue. I have attended many Lambda workshops given by the top experts in various fields involved in piano interpretation and performance. The lecturers are cutting-edge in their knowledge and approach. The workshops are very intimate and always inspiring. Dr. Chan, the co-founder of Lambda, has multiple doctorates: one in piano pedagogy, one in psychology and one in piano performance. She sets the tone and approach for the workshops. We cover such diverse topics as: 1. What is piano technique? 2. Developing musicianship, 3. How to overcome piano performance anxiety, 4. How to develop critical listening, 5. How to develop a wise ear, 6. Using UTube to study world class experts’ different approaches to teaching musicality. I am greatly indebted to Lambda for enabling me to be a more insightful and effective piano teacher.

Marilyn Cooperman  
I feel fortunate to have Lambda’s piano pedagogy workshops to attend, which I have been attending regularly since Lambda opened in 2008. Not only are they well presented, informative and inspiring, they also offer a feeling of community in an often isolated profession. The workshops cover a wide variety of topics and I particularly like that I can make requests of topics for future pedagogy workshops to address my personal interests and needs.

The atmosphere is friendly and professional providing a place where fellow teachers can explore and share various pedagogical issues once the main topic has been presented. This has helped me directly with my teaching and preparation for my Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Pedagogy exams. When issues arise with my students that I do not know or am unsure of how to address I can bring them to the workshops and we discuss possible solutions.

My master classes with Dr. Angela Chan were essential to my final preparations for my RCM Elementary Piano Pedagogy exam. She is insightful, eloquently spoken, and very knowledgeable. An experienced performer and pedagogue, Dr. Chan is both able and willing to transfer her skills and knowledge to others. Her passion and energy is contagious and her analysis of pieces is insightful and refreshing. I am very grateful to be able to study with Dr. Angela Chan.

Sylvia orthwein
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