Dr. Angela Chan
Pure Beginners' Basic 
Piano Technique Course

Starting with the correct approach, will prevent the development of any potential bad habits.

*The course is conducted in English 

After your basic training, you will be able to continue to develop your performance skills and achieve a high level of pianism.

The students in the video below all received this basic training, and progressed to a high level of piano performance within a period of 9  to 18 months.

Above: Student of Dr. Angela Chan - studied with Dr. Chan from 6 months to 1.5 years
They all started with this basic approach with Dr. Chan

Would you also want to achieve similar results 
within an extremely short time span?

Who is Dr. Angela Chan?

陳寶瑤博士簡歷  Biography of Dr. Angela Chan Ph.D.  

Dr. Angela Chan holds a master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology, pedagogy, and piano performance, as well as an advanced concert diploma in piano performance from Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec). She is founder and director of Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts - a school with a progressive vision having instituted unique programs in the arts for children since 2008.

Dr. Chan has been featured on the Discovery Channel (Canada), Global TV, CBC, the Australian Television Network, CJAD, CJOH, RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) and other media networks. Dr. Chan’s works have also been featured in Maclean’s Magazine, La Scena Musicale, Montreal Gazette and the National Post. 

Dr. Chan has also been adjudicator for major international competitions and senior examiner (piano) for the Royal Conservatory of Music for over the past 20 years. With over three decades of teaching experience, Dr. Chan has been instrumental to the success of many of her students - with numerous award winners having performed (many at an early age) at the most prestigious venues in North America and Europe. Those who furthered their studies in music, have all been accepted by the most renowned musical institutions. 

Dr. Chan also served as lecturer and research consultant for pedagogical programs at a number of universities in North America and musical institutions in China.


Dr. Angela Chan 陳寶瑤博士畢業於Concordia University (Quebec, Canada)。陳博士有超過30年的教學經驗. 超過200名學生(最小的是5歲) 在國際比賽中獲得了國家和國際獎項以及一等獎。學生們在著名的音樂廳如紐約卡內基音樂廳 Carnegie Hall (New York),英國倫敦皇家阿爾伯特音樂廳 Royal Albert Hall (London, England) 以及歐洲,美國,中國和香港的其他主要音樂廳演出。她的學生被新英格蘭音樂學院 New England Conservatory,曼哈頓音樂學院 Manhattan School of Music,Peabody Institute of Music 皮博迪音樂學院,Cleveland Institute of Music 克利夫蘭音樂學院, McGill University麥吉爾大學等主要音樂學院錄取。

Dr. Angela 已在加拿大的探索頻道Discovery Channel,Global 電視台,CBC 加拿大廣播公司,Australian TV networks 澳大利亞電視網,CJAD,CJOH,香港電台(RTHK RADIO 4)和其他媒體網絡上亮相。陳博士的作品還曾在《McCleans》雜誌,La Scena Musicale,Montreal Gazette 蒙特利爾憲報和National Post 國家郵報上發表過。

陳博士還是新的Lambda鋼琴方法系列的作者,該系列旨在幫助鋼琴家加快步伐。 Chan博士正完成一本有關她在創新教學方法方面的研究和經驗的書 A Guide to Musicality - The Art & Science of Musicality (表達音樂感指南 - 如何運用藝術和科學方法傳授音樂感),該書將於2021年發行。Chan博士已被國際公認是一位傑出的教育家,並受邀擔任加拿大,中國,美國和加拿大的多項重大比賽的裁判。 

Dr. Angela曾擔任多個國際鋼琴比賽的評委. 她還是皇家音樂學院Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM, Toronto)擁有20多年的豐富經驗的高級鋼琴考官。 Dr. Angela Chan博士還擔任 Queens University和 Royal Conservatory of Music 的 iScore項目的教學顧問,該項目是由多倫多皇家音樂學院,康考迪亞大學和皇后大學共同開發的在線教學平台。陳博士曾在康考迪亞大學(Concordia University)教學 ,還擔任過許多音樂和藝術組織的藝術和教學顧問。她目前還是上海和廣州兩省在中國一項創新教學項目的教學顧問。

學生經常在主要音樂廳演出,並為蒙特利爾兒童醫院,加拿大白血病和淋巴瘤協會,蒙特利爾中國醫院以及其他慈善基金會和組織舉辦籌款音樂會。 2015年,Lambda音樂與美術學院的音樂系學生與其他音樂家和藝術家合作,在“光夜行徑”中為加拿大白血病和淋巴瘤協會成功籌集了近170萬加元。 2020年1月,Lambda學校的學生還為澳大利亞叢林大火Austrialian Bush Fires 中的受害者籌款。

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